Tuesday, August 14, 2007

New to blogging

Iam new to this but I thought I would give it a try! It gives me a chance to spout out my random thoughts and hopefully not bore anyone in the process. Well my latest news is I just recently got engaged over the weekend! YEAH!!! I am going to be the future Mrs. Di Sera! Kind of weird to type that. Billy asked me on Saturday August 11, by the alpine slides in Park City! I was completely shocked, so shocked that I missed him pulling out the ring because I looked away. He picked out the ring all by himself and I must say I am impressed, he has got some taste. We have yet to set a date, it will more than likely be summer of 2008. And I promise I won't be trendy and do 08-08-08. Billy just started school and is up in snowbird for his first week of class. He is pretty excited about the whole school thing. It is a really good program and I know he will do very well, (he's kinda smart like that!) Well I will try to keep this thing updated, but I am not making any promises, hee hee!