Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I give in....

So I haven't posted anything in a while but I got "tagged" so I thought I would participate. I don't have a husband yet so this will be for my fiance....

What is his name? Billy Boy

How long have you been married? 0 years

How long did you date? It will be 5 years in June.

How old is he? 31

Who eats more? He does, just ask his dietitian...lol.

Who kissed who first? Well I would say he did, but he said I made the first move.

Who said "I love you," first? He did, although he said it in his sleep twice before he actually meant to say it.

Who is smarter? He is definitely more intelligent, but I think I am more people smart than he is.....I had to give myself some credit.

Who is taller? He has got about an inch or two on me.

Who sings better? Neither, we both suck. Although he sings country songs pretty well.

Whose temper is worse? Defintely him....those Italians I tell ya!

Who is more sensitive? I am for sure

Who does the laundry? Both as of now, since we live in different places.

Who does the dishes? Well I'm sure he does his own, but my sis-in-law usually ends up doing mine....oops sorry Camille :)

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? We have our own beds to ourselves at the moment.

Who pays the bills? We do our own at the moment, but he will when we get married.

Who cooks dinner? Neither of us do, we usually end up eating cereal or something.

Who drives when you are together? I would say its pretty even, but I prefer him to drive.

Who is more stubborn? Me, or at least thats what he tells me, but he usually gets his way and I go along with it.

Who's parents do you see the most? As a couple we keep it pretty even, but I will go to my moms almost every sunday even if he doesn't.

Who proposed? Well I think I did about 20 times before he did, lol......but he was the one who made it official.

Who has more friends? He does, just wait until you see our lines at the wedding.

Who has more siblings? I do.

Who wears the pants in the family? He does, he is the more dominant one is our relationship, but I prefer it that way! (sometimes....lol.)

Ok I did my part....hee hee.