Sunday, October 21, 2007

Found it....

I found my wedding dress today. I had made plans earlier this week to go with my mom and my sister to look at bridesmaid dresses and then that turned into wedding dress shopping. I had no intention of finding a dress or even buying one, but I did! I had a whole entourage of people there with me, but I'm glad they were all there to share that with me! It ended up being the second dress I tried on and I knew when I saw it that it was the one, every dress I tried on after that did not even come close. I would post a picture, but I want it to be a surprise for a certain someone....hee hee. Thanks again to my family for being there and also my good friend Elizabeth for helping me try the dresses on! Love ya!

Saturday, October 6, 2007


A lot has happened since my last blog entry. We have both been crazy busy. Billy started school at the U of U in the Executive MBA program. Which keeps him extremely busy. He has class once a week. He is such a dedicated student and I am amazed at how much time he sacrifices to focus on school. I am so proud of him! Poor guy has even had to miss a couple of Ute games. Last Sunday we went to the U together and studied. It was kind of nice to have him as my study buddy. He definitely motivates me to stay focused. I started another semester at good ol SLCC. I have been there forever and a day and I am proud to say that I should be done next semester, that is if they don't decide to spring another class on me that I didn't know about. I have met with three different counselors and all have told me different things. As far as wedding plans are going we have reserved a reception center. It is going to be at the Memorial House in Memory Grove Park. That is pretty much all we have done, but we have plenty of time. We set our wedding date and it is going to be July 26, 2008. It's going to be very hot, but we had a limited amount of options on dates since we have to plan it around Billy's school breaks. It works out nice because we think July 26 is the day we established ourselves as a couple four years ago, so it does have some sentimental value to it. I moved in with my brother and sister-in-law about a month ago to save money for the wedding. So it has definitely been an adjustment getting used to living with a house full of people. The plus side is that I get to see my cute little niece everyday!

I get to call this cute kid my nephew!
pretty much the cutest kid ever!

Billy is a goober!

Me and my cute niece!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

New to blogging

Iam new to this but I thought I would give it a try! It gives me a chance to spout out my random thoughts and hopefully not bore anyone in the process. Well my latest news is I just recently got engaged over the weekend! YEAH!!! I am going to be the future Mrs. Di Sera! Kind of weird to type that. Billy asked me on Saturday August 11, by the alpine slides in Park City! I was completely shocked, so shocked that I missed him pulling out the ring because I looked away. He picked out the ring all by himself and I must say I am impressed, he has got some taste. We have yet to set a date, it will more than likely be summer of 2008. And I promise I won't be trendy and do 08-08-08. Billy just started school and is up in snowbird for his first week of class. He is pretty excited about the whole school thing. It is a really good program and I know he will do very well, (he's kinda smart like that!) Well I will try to keep this thing updated, but I am not making any promises, hee hee!